Outlive Your Death Sentence

Monday, March 30, 2015

Where did you get that jacket?

John 19:2-3 – … and they put a purple robe on him. 3 … they mocked…

The robe put on Christ was not His doing or thinking but was done by those around Him to mock and ridicule Him. You see, they didn’t think of Him as a king so this was a gesture to demean or belittle Him. The robe or jacket represents expectations and roles, sometimes referred to as life scripts, often given by family members or friends to the same. It is how they expect you to act in any number of circumstances. The script is crafted by them for you to act out. Have you ever felt the pressure from family or friends to respond a certain way while inside you thought the opposite of what they expected you to? Have you ever had family or friends to tell a joke that was not funny at all to you because it put someone or some group of people down, yet you felt the pressure to laugh with them and maybe you did so to avoid conflict? There are a number of ways people around you may attempt to influence you by having you wear a robe or jacket that is not in keeping with your thoughts about yourself. The problem with succumbing to life scripts, written by others for you or wearing a robe or jacket they have for you, is that the script or jacket is as healthy as the person who gave it to you.

The robe they gave Christ in no way reflected who He was but in every detail reflected who they were. So what do you do when you find yourself wearing a jacket or living out a life script given by people who need you to do so for their purposes, which often originates from their brokenness? What do you do when those around are mocking the truth about you, who you are and what you are called to do?

You identify with them in their need for growth and pray that God would give you wisdom in managing that relationship. You pray for them, asking God to bring them to the place in their lives that He desires them to be. You thank God for them because they are a part of His plan for your growth and development. Take a moment right now to identify the life scripts you may be following or jackets you may be wearing that are the thinking and doing of others. Give them to God and start your new life today!


3 thoughts on “Outlive Your Death Sentence

  1. Amen, amen, amen .Thanking God for giving you this TODAY! He is always on time. Received confirmation on this subject. God was revealing this lady night to us in a conversation with a Sister last night.


  2. Gloria Harper

    Wow, this was/is so enlightening…I have been in search of scripture to fit my family situation. Often times we take on life scripts and play them out in our day-to-day lives, not knowing that those scripts are the sole purpose of God’s plan for our growth and development. I’ve disrobed myself of the jackets that family and friends thought I should wear. I’ve given them over to God and I’m growing in the things of God as I continue to pray for those that try to persuade me to wear the jackets of their choice. Thanks Pastor Trimble for reminding me of the purpose of the life scripts through this devotion!

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    1. Gloria – I am excited about your discovery. Continue to press into God, forgetting those things that are behind. Refuse to go back, there are wonderful things ahead for you.
      Peace and blessing! – Pastor Alton Trimble


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