Outlive your Death Sentence

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Adding insult to your injury

In the Gospel John chapter 19, we are exploring in our daily devotion the detail around the death sentence given Christ. Thus far we have noted the following:

John 19:1a – Jesus is taken by Pilate. Imagine experiencing being forcibly taken by another person without proper protocol. We refer to that as kidnapping, a major felony. This is a major violation of your person by any standard.

John 19: 1b reads, “…and had Him flogged.” So Christ was innocent but arrested then beaten with an instrument designed to rip flesh from His back.

John 19:2b – the soldiers braided thorn-covered branches into a crown and placed it on His head. One can imagine they were none too careful in doing so.

John 19:2c reads, “…and they clothed Him in a purple robe.” As far as they were concerned this was His ‘clown’ outfit; something befitting a fool, which was how they thought of our Lord and Savior. He was for them someone to be toyed with. They were for Him people worth forgiving and saving.

John 19:3a – on several occasions they came up to Him to provide face to face ridicule and humiliation. So far, they have taken Him captive, flogged Him severely, placed braided branches of thorns on His head, clothed Him in a purple robe and repeatedly mocked Him.

John 19:3b reads, “…and they struck Him repeatedly in the face.”

As if what they had already done was inadequate they added insult to injury by slapping Him in the face; the One who came to save them.

Have you ever been the recipient of insult added to injury? Maybe you were dealing with one problem and another challenge pops up or you are just beginning to see some financial daylight after struggling for a long period and something happens that drastically changes that for the worst. Maybe it’s a trusted relationship that you thought would never fail yet it seems it has and you are blamed for its destruction. Whatever injury or added insult, John 19:4 is instructive for us. Paraphrasing, it reads, “Pilate found no reason for any charge against Him.”

As we face challenge and have insults added to our injury, perhaps we might ask ourselves, is there a cause or reason for a charge against us?  Or are we, like Christ, innocent and simply caught in a season of difficult life experiences? Go to your heavenly Father now and ask Him to examine you and if fault is found, stay there at the foot of His throne and ask for and receive forgiveness according 1 John 1:9. If where you are is no fault of your own, stay there at the foot of your Father’s throne and ask for and receive the grace needed to successfully navigate the turbulent waters you are confronted with.

Read 2 Corinthians 12:9 and memorize the words spoken to the Apostle Paul at a season of this nature in his life; “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Dear friend, know that your lowest point of weakness is the platform upon which His illustrious power will operate and you too, like Paul, will boast all the more gladly about your weakness so that the power may rest on you. Someone is waiting to hear your testimony!


2 thoughts on “Outlive your Death Sentence

  1. LRJB

    I may not always receive the answers I want from God through prayer, but He constantly reminds me that His grace is all that I need, which bring me peace in the midst of any situation. Knowing that is strength is made perfect in my weakness brings about the strength to edure situations. I have learned most situations don’t last long and our bigger in our minds than in reality. Great word
    Thank you

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