God Must Be First In Our Lives

By Pastor Alton Trimble

Daily Word for Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Put God First

God sets an important precedence with regard to first things in Exodus 13:2 [Dedicate to me every firstborn among the Israelites. The first offspring to be born, of both humans and animals, belongs to me].

The word “dedicate” at the beginning of the verse gives us insight into the sacred nature of first things in the mind of God. It means to separate, to make exclusive, to consecrate, to declare holy, to seclude or to set aside for use in the worship of God.

Clearly God placed a demand on the first things. So the first belongs to God. It requires faith to give the first. Tithing is our primary way of acknowledging God as first in our lives. Let’s take it a step further, not only does God require our tithe but He requires it as a first of the first dedication.

So for Israel, the first fruit like the first born belongs to God. Jericho was a city dedicated to God because it was Israel’s first city that God gave them after their captivity in Egypt.

Israel got in trouble with God because they took what was dedicated to God for themselves. In a subsequent battle, Israel was soundly beaten because of what they had done.

You see my friend, our future victories are connected to our understanding of the “first fruit” principle. It takes faith to give God the first of the first; particularly when our circumstances may be placing a demand on us to touch that which is consecrated to God.

Israel’s failure to honor God’s principle of first caused them to unwittingly become associated with Jericho that was accursed.

My friend, serving God pays huge dividends but need and greed can destroy your seed.

Let me encourage you to make God a first of the first consideration in your stewardship.

Honor God and watch Him honor you!

5 thoughts on “God Must Be First In Our Lives

  1. First is important. As the first born of my parents I experienced the value and promise of being the first.

    Athletes compete to be the first. Scientists seek to be the first to discover cures of illness. The world places emphasis on being the first “woman to do something significant and the first Black American President, and so on.”

    How much more does my heavenly Father want to be First in every area of my life?

    Lord, I ask your forgiveness for neglecting to always make you the first in my life. I rely on the precious Holy Spirit to remind me, whenever I forget. I pray that I will trust you as the Lord of my life. And I offer you my first, as a living sacrifice to be holy and acceptable to you. In Jesus name.

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  2. I thank God that my parents taught me about first fruit. I live by this standard and have taught my children to live by this standard which means they will teach their children. The first thing I do is separate the Lords from mine in my heart and in my mind, then I physically place the first fruits where they should be placed. I get such a joy out of honoring God with the first fruit. My prayer is that those that have not been doing this start doing this and watch how God will bless you and yours! Great word today P.T., and EVERYDAY! ( In my Logan voice)

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  3. Michael

    I give honor and thanks to God who revealed the importance of first fruits to me a long time ago. It’s never been an easy journey, but by always recognizing God and His Kingdom first, He was able to sustain us when we had tough times especially in the tough economy of the world.
    God comes first in all aspects of my life. I am grateful He continues to reign His blessings on us.

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  4. LiLi

    PT I am so glad you taught on the importance and value of first fruits years ago. And it is a principle my Husband has renforced in our home. We have seen God’s favor and blessings manifested in our lives God by doing so. Things don’t always go our way, we don’t get to do all the things we would like to do, and at times we have more month left than money we have budgeted for. But one thing I know that I know, we have never been without the things we need; spiritually, financially or other wise. First fruit principle is to be respected and honored. Blessings

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  5. Logan III

    Keeping first things first says to me that I’m making God The Priority in my life. For me if my life was any other way it will be spiraling out of control. It just puts things in their proper perspective. God has shown me time and time again that I matter so you can best believe I’m going to make Him number one in my life. Believe that…

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