2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Your Breakthrough! – Sunday, August 9th at 10:00am at Glory Christian Fellowship International (GCFI)

  1. raineawarren

    I woke up this morning and I had to hear Shekinah Glory Ministry’s song “YES”. So I went on YouTube and searched it out. This song always speaks to my heart and It’s in tune with Pastor Timble’s vision for our Transitional Breakthroughs. I just wanted to share that with my Glory Family. Please go online and be encourage, strengthen and blessed.

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  2. Hey you! Yes you. Look in the mirror. Stop getting tired of being tired. Going down a one way street, just to turn around again. Trying to solve problems you know you need help with. Dealing with a illness feeling like you are alone. .Finances short bills are due. And yes the kids are out of control. I’m here for you. Do what I did. I went to Glory Christian Fellowship International last Sunday. Pastor Tremble is speaking on “Transformational Breakthroughs”. I had a great time and I received my breakthrough! There are more blessing for me to receive. We would love to have you as our guest on this Sunday August 9, at 10:00am. If I can receive a breakthough, so can you. Please come and get what is promised to you. .Check us out online, I know you will enjoy it.

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