We Need Each Other!

By Pastor Alton Trimble

Manna For Today: Thursday, April 7, 2016

We Need Each Other!

Romans 12:4-5“Since we are all one body in Christ, we belong to each other, and each of us needs all the others.”

The Bible is replete with scriptures affirming the idea of our need for each other.

Consider the following five (5) reasons why we need each other:

1. We are not designed to walk through life alone.

Genesis 2:18“It is not good for man to be alone.”

Proverbs 28:26“Those who trust in themselves are fools, but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe.”

2. What God has for you to do requires others to contribute.

Ecclesiastes 4:9“Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together.”

3. Everyone needs someone at their ‘six.’

Philippians 2:4 “Look out for one another’s interest, not just your own.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”

4. God never planned for you to bare the weight of life’s ebbs and flows alone.

I Peter 3:8“You should be like one big family, full of sympathy toward each other.”

Romans 12:15“Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.”

5. We show the world the best of who God is together.

John 13:35“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are My disciples.”

Determine which one of the five you need to improve in most; go to God and ask for His help in making the needed change.

Peace and blessings!

5 thoughts on “We Need Each Other!

  1. Phillip Bell

    Lord God, thank You for helping me realize that I need others to bare the burdens of this life. Please, empower me with the resources to aid others in their journey to please You as well. In the name of Jesus, Your Only Son, Amen.

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  2. La Wanda

    God today I ask you to help me my family and friends to improve on what we need to do to help another person ! Allow us a touch others by thought word or deed today. Amen

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  3. Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me the GCFI Family that are a living example of showing why we need each other. Help me to continue to grow and understand the need for each other so that I may be a blessing to others. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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  4. Michael

    From Adam and Eve, to Noah and all throughout the Bible, God reveals His plan for us to walk with each other and in unity with Him. Thank God for His masterful plan for our lives.

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