How Great Is Our God!

Manna For Today: Sunday, July 10, 2016

How Great Is Our God!

Job 38:8-11 [Then the LORD spoke to Job out of the storm. He said:] “Who shut up the sea behind doors when it burst forth from the womb, 9 when I made the clouds its garment and wrapped it in thick darkness, 10 when I fixed limits for it and set its doors and bars in place, 11 when I said, ‘This far you may come and no farther; here is where your proud waves halt’?

Think today of the enormity of our God! Worship Him in light of who He is and what He has done not not just for you but from the beginning of time.

Father, we say, like the Psalmist, who are we that You would ever think of us? You alone are worthy of all our praise. We worship and adore you. Forgive us our sins, cleanse us from all unrighteousness, cause Your plan and purpose for our being to be fulfilled in the life you have given us and teach us to love You and each other. In Jesus’ name!

Peace and blessings!