Sailing The Waves Of Life!

Manna For Today: Thursday, December 1, 2016


Life is filled with ebb and flow, where they start we seldom know.
Spirit only sees its frequent bend and knows the mystery of its end.
Like watching log in fire burning, what seem consistent is constantly turning.

From young to old, we can’t say when;
from start to finish and then again
there’s only one who’s ever the same,
King of kings, Lord of lords, is His name.

His love and kindness shine eternally bright, all around Him reflect His light.

Shine today, my friend, lean into life’s bend, fill your sail, with His victorious wind. Sail on and on, sail faster and free.

He’ll amaze you, where He takes you, on bended knee!

Revelation 19:16On his robe at his thigh was written this title: King of all kings and Lord of all lords.

Peace and blessings!

5 thoughts on “Sailing The Waves Of Life!

  1. La Wanda

    My father, I truly want to be able to shine today and every day and lean into tlife’s bend feel myself with your fast wind. Let me sail on faster and free! Let me be amaze at where you take me on bended knees In thy son Jesus’s name amen and so it i

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  2. Heavenly Father, Thank You for always being there even when I moved as though You were not. Thank You for giving me ears to hear Your voice when I get lost in the mess at times. Continue to bless me with the spirit, heart, soul and mind to move forward seeking and knowing You are bigger than any trial, circumstance or situation. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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  3. Logan III

    I Am So Grateful For The Sameness Of God In Every Area Of My Life, If There Is One Thing That I KNOW, That Is God Loves Me, That Will Never Change. Shout Out To Group 5…Amen

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  4. Don Sullivan

    Lord that You for the wonderful reminder of who You are! Thank You for choosing me and my family as Your own! In Jesus mighty and matchless name, Amen!

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