Supernatural Increase…

Manna For Today: Thursday, February 23, 2017


Genesis 26:12When Isaac planted his crops that year, he harvested a hundred times more grain than he planted, for the LORD blessed him.

I’m praying this will be your reality this year! That your increase will be tremendous. “He harvested a hundred times more than he planted.”

The temptation is to focus on the harvesting; in doing that we miss the planting he did. In fact, there can be no harvest without someone planting. Note further that if God doesn’t bless our planting our harvest will reflect the same; “for the Lord blessed him.”

My friend, ask God to reveal to you planting opportunities that will serve His purpose in your life. There are many and those are the ones God will bless.

Remember, you are loved!

Peace and blessings!

6 thoughts on “Supernatural Increase…

  1. OT

    Father I thank you for the harvest that I’m planting and I believe that the growrh will be PLENTIFUL, so that I can share and continue to share into your KINGDOM. Holy Spirit I yield to you and let you do the guiding in my HARVEST in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, Amen!!!

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  2. Don Sullivan

    Lord thank You for your wonderful word today. Lord please reveal to me planting opportunities that are pleasing and acceptable to You. Give me that 1000 fold return on my planting. Lord thank You for Your guidance and direction ahead of time during this Daring Faith Campaign. Increase my faith and territory as I embark upon this campaign. Allow me to encourage others to join us in this campaign as we glorify you for everything. In Jesus mighty and matchless name, Amen!

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  3. Heavenly Father, thank You for the planting opportunities You have given me in the past, now and future. Please guide and direct me in how to use my God given abilities to fulfill every opportunity that YOU put in my path. Help me to increase my quality time with YOU. Help me to stay in the present time when planting and trust and expect YOUR harvest in Your time and not mine. I believe and receive this in Jesus name, Amen.

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  4. Phillip Bell

    Thank You, Lord God! I am happy to plant spiritual seeds that will advance Your kingdom for growth. Please, show me when and who to share Your love with, so that the seeds will flourish. In the name of Jesus, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, I pray. Amen.

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  5. La Wanda

    God, please reveal to me and my family planting opportunities that will serve Your purpose in our lives There are many and those are the ones God you will bless for us! In your son’s Jesus’s name Amen and son it is.

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  6. Michael

    I am praying for God’s increase on my life this year. I believe that God can harvest an increase in my life that is bigger than anything I can even think of on my own. I am going to plant in faith, and trust God to reign His blessings on what I planted.

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