Just A Prayer Away…

Manna For Today: Saturday, May 12, 2018

Don_t allow short-term setbacks to blur long-term vision.222

Psalm 34:4I prayed to the Lord and He answered me; He freed me from all my fears.

Fear always attempts to convince us that the object of our fear is a reality. We vet most things in our lives as to their authority before we see them hence the statement made about Missouri folks, “show me.”

So how is the enemy able to secure our buy-in to fear? He can’t! You are just a prayer away from breaking free of your fear.

Make this text your memory verse for the week and do what it says to experience new freedom from fear.

Remember, you are loved!

Peace and blessings!

2 thoughts on “Just A Prayer Away…

  1. Saundra Newman

    I pray to You Heavenly Father, as Your word says in ps 25:2…Let me nor be afraid, let not my eniemes triump over me! In Jesus’s Name

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