God’s Invitation To You!

Manna For Today: Monday, May 18, 2020

Ephesians 2:19You are a member of God’s very own family and you belong in God’s household with every other Christian.

Life can deal us a hand we never asked for; one with the experience we’d rather not have yet life happens. Situations are what they are and you are left holding that hand. What’s important from this point forward is not what hand you’ve been dealt but how you play the hand you have.

Enter Jesus, without regard for the hand you were dealt, He offers us membership in His divine family which will last forever. It just doesn’t get better than that. So exchange your hand for His invitation and enjoy your new family in Christ. It’s going to get better and better and better through time and eternity.

Check-in with a brother or sister today with a kind word of encouragement or some other act of love.

Remember, you are loved!

Peace and blessings!

8 thoughts on “God’s Invitation To You!

  1. Don Sullivan

    Lord thank You for this wonderful Manna for today. Thank You for choosing me to be part of Your divine family and purpose. Father give me the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and desire to play my hand in such a way that it honors and pleases You. Let me always remain TOUGH, knowing that I have the best partner in You ever! Lord let me check in on a brother or sister today with a kind word of encouragement! Lord let me go throughout the day honoring and glorifying You in all things! In Jesus name! Amen!

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  2. Father, thank YOU for giving me the right spirit, heart, mind and soul to accept your invitation into Your family. Help me to continually grow in my love and service in the family and drawing others by my walk and talk. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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  3. Saundra Newman

    I give thanks for being in the family of God. Glory to God for His goodness. I praise You Father for Your plan and Purpose. Thank You God for things being the way they are.
    Thank You for the wisdom and obedience to navigate through my day appropriately. I Thank you for a willing spirit to respond correctly to Your Instruction throughout this day. I give Your Holy Spirit total Control to handle all of my affairs. I also ask that You lead me to someone that I can help today. I thank Your for divine direction to enhance on of my sister or brother in Christ! Thank You Father in Jesus’ name…Amen!

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  4. Michael

    Thank you Jesus for the family established on your solid foundation, a foundation that can never be broken. Thank you for accepting me into your family even though I am undeserving. Amen!

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  5. nickolefx1

    Yes yes yes!! Thank you Jesus for these encouraging words. I am your child and proud to be one of them. All the glory and honor is yours. Amen amen amen.

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